S-525+ 360 Degree Radar Laser Detector - Black
S-525+ 360 Degree Radar Laser Detector - Black

32~13.62GHz K-band 23.54GHz Ka-band 34.15MHz Supported Languages Russian Working Voltage 12 V Working Current 1 A Packing List 1 x Radar detector 1 x Car charger (115cm) 1 x Pad 1 x Russian user manual 1 x Suction cup 1X iron buckle.Color Black Brand NO Model S-525+ Quantity 1 Piece Material Plastic Function Radar DetectionLaser DetectionFlow Speed Detection Detection Mode CityLow Support Band XKKuKaLaser Screen Size 1.82GHz Laser Beam 904nm 33MHz bandwidth VG-2 11.3GHz Ku-band 13.9~24.5 inch Warning Mode Bi-Bi Sound Alarm Warning Language Russian Detection Range 200-500 m Detection Angle 360 ┬░ X-band 10.100~35.42~10

Подробнее 2323.12

Антенна Триада MA 2720 CB. Устройство Autoprofi SBC-120. The title of this Subchapter shall be "The Revenue Act.".

Монитор в авто Broadway BW-809/849

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